Saturday, 7 October 2017

Michael Hall KJ7WC SK

I am very sad to hear that my Friend Michael in Seattle passed away.

Michael supported my through my USA exams when I visited Seattle and was a great guy to chat to, so knowledgeable and technically minded.

I really enjoyed meeting up when I was in Seattle, was glad to have shared many beers and last december some real radio too.

Michael helped support me through my USA Radio exams June 2014

And again in June 2015 Michael helped get me through the EXTRA license

December 2015 Michael and James heading out for a beer or 2

Last December (2016) Michael putting up wire antenna's in the snow to get Peter and I on the air

You can just see how much fun we had with this QSO from the porch way in the snow

In 2015 Michael made me this 3D printed ARRL badge, he kept it another year and filled it with the epoxy and took him quite some time to get the finish, He gave it to me last December. It stays in my wallet and reminds me of the fun times. 

73 OM God Bless