Thursday, 16 March 2017

New release of DV4 mini software and firmware but older dv4 owners beware!!


The headphone / PC ONLY works if you have the new dv-mini with the built in AMBE chip.
If you have the older version then sorry its not going to work for you!

We are asking if an upgrade will be available and will keep you all posted.
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The firmware and software upgrade for standard dv4-mini is to improve the DMR QRG correction, this is now automatic.

For the AMBE folks you now get PC access to C4FM

Version of 6.3.2017  of the dv4-mii software comes with an additional feature which we had not seen before.

Like the original blue Dstar dongle, the DV4-mini can now allow you to use the PC headset (speakers and microphone) This means you no longer have to have 3 different radio's to use the 3 different modes, dstar, dmr, c4fm / fusion) 

Once you have downloaded the software and installed it, to set up the headphones you have to run a program separately, in C:\Program Files (x86)\DV4mini you will find a program called PCMtrx, double click on this to bring up the audio controller and set to your pc speaker and microphone (or headset)

Downlaod software and the latest firmware here.

Also noting that by connecting your psk data dongle you could with some hacking create an EchoLink type node!
More on this later (c)CRC imagination