Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sonic Pi: Making music with your raspberry pi and a little help from our friends at Geek Gurl

With thanks to our friends at Geek Gurl for the above video showing you the first steps of using sonic-pi to create music.

Sonic pi is installed by default on raspian and noobs (raspberry pi)
However if you need to install it follow the instruction below:
First, clone the repository from github by using git or download it as a zip file. Open the terminal and enter the following command if git is already installed
$ git clone
Otherwise, go to the link and download it as a zip file, which is about 38 MB.
Before compiling, it requires some softwares and libraries to be installed. So, enter the following command in the terminal:
$ sudo apt-get install supercollider ruby libqscintilla2-dev ruby-dev cmake pkg-config
Now, change to the sonic-pi directory, and
$ cd app/server/bin
$ ./compile-extensions.rb
Again, change to the sonic-pi directory and
$ cd app/gui/qt/
$ ./rp-build-app
which would generate a sonic-pi binary. Either run that file, or the script in sonic-pi/bin
$ ./sonic-pi