Friday, 26 February 2016

ISS contact with Norwich Schools, Norwich/East Anglia, UK,

Here is my recording
Here is the full contact as played on ECHOLINK AMSAT

Here is my Son Leo with his spaceship jumper on and ready to hear Tim Peake of the radio.

A direct contact via GB2CNS with students at Norwich Schools, Norwich/East Anglia, UK, was successful Fri 2016-02-26 14:43:39 UTC 29  deg. Astronaut Timothy Peake, KG5BVI answered 16 questions before his responses were lost in the noise. With HamTV in operation, Peake responded to a request  for a wave and demonstrated weightlessness answering questions while floating on his side..

Watch a local media report about the event:

This contact is a collaborative project between three schools in Norfolk and their local university, UEA. Norwich School employs an Ogden Trust Teaching Fellow whose job is 50% dedicated to Physics outreach and she has led the project. City of Norwich School (CNS) are hosting the link up. Reepham High School have an observatory on site and are hosting a "spot the station" event. 36 schools have signed up to be a part of all we have planned and have each received an age-appropriate radio kit for use in lessons and clubs funded by RCUK through the UEA.